STQ 8 Winter 2019 Tet Offensive: This issue will be an in-depth analysis of the 1968 Tet Offensive by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong during the Vietnam War, and how it affected the US commitment to the war in Southeast Asia.
STQ 9 Spring 2020 American Revolution: A historical look at the American War of Independence. This issue will cover the background of the revolution and the military campaigns to secure American independence.
STQ 10 Summer 2020 Whirlwind: A detailed analysis of the Soviet offensive against Germany on the Eastern Front following the failure of Operation Barbarossa.
STQ 11 Fall 2020 Thirty Years’ War: A fresh look into the Thirty Years’ War in Central Europe in the 17th century and its influence on military history.
STQ 12 Winter 2020 Anaconda Plan: An analysis of naval operations during the American Civil War.
STQ 13 Spring 2021 Roman Republic: An in-depth look at the military and political foundations of the Roman Republic.
STQ 14 Summer 2021 Origins of World War I: A detailed analysis of the political and military strife that led to World War I.
STQ 15 Fall 2021 Napoleonic Battles Tactical Analysis – What Succeeded and Why
STQ 16 Winter 2021 The Next War – China